Share Your Memories

Share your memories!

With New Leaf Designs’ Photo Albums and Memory Books you can pass along photos, recipes, memories and more through the wonders of digital publishing.  ePub Albums and Books can be read on mobile devices, tablets and computers*.  Being a digital book, you will be able to share it virtually with anyone and with as many people as you like.  With printed books, if you want to share them you have to purchase a new copy of the book, but with ePub Photo Albums and Memory Books you just send a copy to anyone – all for the one time publishing fee.

*To read our Memory Books on a computer or laptop you will need an ePub3 reader app.  We recommend the free Chrome app Readium

If you are opening the Memory Book using an iPad, iPhone or Mac Computer that has iBooks, use iBooks to open the Book.

ePub Memory Books from $49.95

Memory Books and Recipe Books are made from a combination of photos and text and may include animation, video, sound, graphics and links.  Memory Book Example

ePub Photo Albums from $35

Photo Albums are Mainly Photos but may include captions – Sample Photo Album.

Pricing Variables

New Leaf Designs ePub Photo Albums, Memory and Recipe Book prices vary based on the number of photos, the amount of text, and any extra services requested.  After receiving all of your information, we will send you a quote for the final price.  Once the price is agreed upon, you will receive an invoice.  A 50% nonrefundable deposit is due at start of the project and the remainder is due upon completion.

Holding Birds at the Zoo

  • Number of Photos
  • Amount of Text
  • Text Editing or Revising
  • Writing Help
  • Number of Recipes
  • Recipe Formatting
  • Photo Touch-up or Restoration
  • Clip Art or Graphics
  • Photo/Document Scanning

New Leaf Design provides in person or phone consultations to Discuss Design or Written Content at the hourly rate of $35/hour.

Ordering Details

For a quote or to order your ePub Photo Album, Memory Book and/or Recipe Book send the following information to

  • Name
  • Email
  • Type of ePub Book:  Photo Album, Memory Book, or Recipe Book
  • Title
  • Number of Photos
  • Link to your Photos – See Below
  • Text – See Below

Grandparents Florida 1954Photos:

Photos should be named and numbered and placed in a folder.  Name the folder with the Title of your Album/Memory Book.  Name the pictures and number them in the order you want them in the album, for example:  John-Birthday-01, Hiking-Trip-02, Aunt-Sue-03.

Upload your pictures to one of the following:



Google Drive:

Make sure to include the link to your photos in your email.


Stories, Memories, Recipes, Family History, Names, Dates, and Ages should all be edited and in final form.  If you want a caption to go with a photo, send the caption along with the name of the photo it goes with.  Make sure to give detailed information for where text should occur.  For example:  Story about Uncle John with John-Birthday-01.

Include your text document in your email.

ePub3 Books can also come in PDF or SWF versions.

Memory-Book.pdf  – Animations, videos and sound do not work in pdf versions.


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