Thankful Heart

Every Christmas I enjoy watching the Muppet Christmas Carol.  I especially like the song Michael Caine sings at the end – A Thankful Heart.  I walk around humming it to myself and thinking about having a thankful heart.  It always makes me think of things I’m thankful for and it just makes me happy.

But then… life happens and I start becoming less aware of my blessings and more aware of things I’m not thankful for and I go back to the humdrum of complacency.

I was reading Max Lucado’s book Before Amen: The Power of a Simple Prayer  and he has a chapter on giving thanks.  He starts the chapter “I’m thankful for…  A… B… C…” and list under each letter of the alphabet things he is thankful for.  What a great idea.  When I read the chapter, I had to smile – it made me think of things I’m thankful for and it just made me happy.

And now it’s November and Thanksgiving is fast approaching.  As it approaches, I think of celebrating with family and friends; I think of laughter, joy and fellowship; I think of good food and good conversation.  But I also think of the hard times and the sad times that we share. I think of the struggles and the disappointments and remember the loss of loved ones and the pain of those hurting and grieving.  And I am so Thankful that we have one another, I am so thankful for love and family, for acceptance and understanding, and for the hope and encouragement we are able to share with one another.  You know… Thanksgiving makes me think of things I’m thankful for and that makes me happy.

By Tami Munden

Yes, and every night will end
And every day will start
With a grateful prayer
And a thankful heart ~ Paul Williams